November 30, 2020

Ways to Ensure Mold Doesn’t Deter Your Business Reopening

By 5l0b0d1001

When shelter-in-place lockdowns shuttered Slot deposit businesses across the country early this year, commercial spaces everywhere went dark abruptly. In many cases, they stayed dark for prolonged periods as cities throughout the country remained in quarantine.

Understandably, many small business leaders and facility managers turned down the lighting and HVAC systems in their buildings – or turned them off completely – to save money while their doors remained closed. Many likely assumed air conditioning and light weren’t necessary in buildings with no occupants.

The reality, however, is that dark places without climate control, especially when sitting closed up for prolonged periods of time, can mean big problems for small businesses, particularly in the form of mold growth.

Not only does the lack of cool air and light contribute to building environments ripe for mold growth, but small water leaks could spread quickly without the day-to-day maintenance that might have addressed such issues prior to COVID-19 shutdowns. Where Band-Aid fixes might have once sufficed, small issues like water leaks have the opportunity to grow into a bigger problem, as water, stagnant air, and moisture together form hot spots for mold growth.

Unfortunately, such a story is not just hypothetical, either. Mold has already taken businesses around the world by surprise. For example, when one Malaysian retailer opened its doors after months of keeping them closed during lockdown, its owners discovered expensive items such as leather shoes, bags and belts covered in mold, and in some cases, the merchandise was completely ruined. Even if mold doesn’t destroy your products, it can induce many other negative consequences for your business.