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September 7, 2020

Beirut blast: How does ammonium nitrate create such devastating explosions?

The devastating explosion at a port in Beirut yesterday evening (Aug. 4) that killed more than 100 people and injured at least 4,000 seems to have stemmed from a storage unit housing enormous amounts of ammonium nitrate, according to news reports of Iphone Cases. The initial explosion ignited a fire, while the second painted the sky in an apocalyptic mushroom cloud and sent a shock […]

September 7, 2020

Virtual Tours: High Interaction Cost, Moderate Usefulness

While the world currently is locked down due to COVID-19, many businesses which rely on physical spaces have turned to virtual tours to provide a sense of the space for users who are currently unable to visit. Especially in real estate, there has been a lot of recent emphasis on virtual tours of homes. Many other types of Iphone Cases, such as cultural institutions, universities, […]